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The secret story of the rescue of the Ethiopian Jews
By John Steichen


EBOOK / ISBN : 978-99987-895-0-0

Themes: History/Geopolitics/Africa

Georges Gutelman was the founder and director of the Belgian airline Trans European Airways. In October 1984, he was contacted by the Mossad to participate in a secret humanitarian operation. Objective: save as many Ethiopian Jews, who were dying in refugee camps in Sudan, as possible.

As a child survivor of the Holocaust, Gutelman immediately accepted. Using his own plane and his entire staff, the businessman saved the lives of over 7,000 refugees by sending them to Israel.


For the first time since the events, this book looks behind the scenes of Operation Moses. Author John Steichen was able to consult declassified documents and talk to witnesses of the rescue. This book immerses the reader in the geopolitics of the 1980s. But above all, it pays tribute to the heroic action of the entrepreneur Georges Gutelman who had never been honored by his country, Belgium.

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