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How JFK brought America closer to the Chinese
By Anderson Schmit


EBOOK / ISBN : 978-99987-895-6-2

Themes: History/China/USA

The space race, the Bay of Pigs, the Vietnam War and the Cuban missile crisis... John F. Kennedy's thousand days in the White House were marked by key events of the Cold War. However, an essential crisis arose: JFK was tormented by his relationship with the two China. One, now Taiwan, was at the time a major ally of Washington in Asia. And it was this state that the United States recognized as the real China. The other, Mao's Red China, was perceived by some as the main communist threat. And even if the American president initially envisaged easing tensions with Beijing, Kennedy quickly realized that he was trapped in the conditions of his time. This book traces the diplomatic and unofficial relations between Kennedy and the two Chinas. Author Anderson Schmit also reveals the lesser-known links between the Kennedy family and Chinese personalities.

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