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The secret links between Buckingham and JFK's family
By Walter J. Hoffmann


EBOOK / ISBN : 978-99987-895-5-5

Themes: History/Royals/USA

Throughout its history, the Kennedy family has risen to social prominence and worldwide fame. Through good times and bad, they have made connections with many people. Among them, Queen Elizabeth II held a special place. It all began with Joseph Patrick Kennedy, JFK's father. As the United States Ambassador to London from 1938 to 1940, he was in contact with the British royal family.


Fifteen years later, in 1960, his son John Fitzgerald Kennedy was elected President of the United States. During his term of office, John visited England several times, sometimes returning to his past. In 1961, he had the opportunity to meet Queen Elizabeth II. The sovereign saw again this president whom she had seen when she was still a princess. A relationship of respect was also created with Jackie, the first lady of the United States, who had attended the coronation of the sovereign in 1953 when she was a journalist. The two women would meet again after the assassination of the president.

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